GIF making (for mac)

Bonjour mes amis!

As you may know I’m currently in Uni in my third year, and in the last three years I’ve learnt some pretty cool stuff.

This month I learnt how to make a GIF on Photoshop. Which, I haven’t really seen before and thought was pretty cool. So, here’s a step by step break down of how you too can make your very own GIF (how exciting).

STEP ONE: Create the images to use in your GIF

So, in short, you’re going to be creating a few JPEG images at the same canvas size and then using the technique in the below steps make your GIF.

To begin, open Photoshop, create a canvas of whatever dimension you’re wanting to work and design! (this is the fun part)

You need to design at least two different things for this to work but you can have more than that, there isn’t any real limit.

GIFIMG.jpgSave them somewhere easy to find as a JPEG file.

STEP TWO: Set up timeline, layers and GIF order

Now that you have your designs (I’m just using two for sake of ease) we’re going to shut the images you’ve made and open up a new canvas at the same size.


Click “Window” then “Timeline”.
This screen should pop up:


Click the drop down bar that says “Create Video Timeline” and select “Create Frame Animation”. This will turn it into a timeline.


Put your JPEG images on the canvas by dragging them from the file you saved them in. Click “Create Frame Animation”. By doing this it will automatically load the top layer as a new layer on your timeline. To add a new one you need to click to the layer icon on the timeline. This again will bring up your top layer, so make sure that the right images is on show.

(I had to move the yellow layer to the top so it would be visible on the timeline layers)

Animated GIF-downsized_large.gif

Obviously, I’ve just used two layers but if you want to add more, go all out!

STEP FOUR: Select speed and amount of repeats

You have your layers now, so you’re pretty much all set. There’s only two things left to do, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with excitement at this point! The first, you need to choose what speed you want your GIF to go at. You do this by selecting the speed at the bottom of the layer, which comes up with your options.


I personally suggest not making it much faster or much slower than 0.5 (I say this but do use your creative intuition on this one).


The second thing is deciding how many times you want it to repeat when you use it. I think forever is most fun but again, use your creative intuition.

STEP FIVE: Export, save and share!

EXPORT! This is super simple. Instead of clicking “Save” like you normally would, go down along the options and click “Export”, then click “Save For Web (Legacy)”. This will mean that you can use the GIF on the internet (I mean that’s the only reason you’re making it right). Click save and Bob’s your Uncle! You have your very own animated GIF.


Now go, go, go! Make your own! 



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