To have & to hold

Bonjour mes amis, it’s story time!

This winter a close friend of mine asked me if I would do the honour of designing her wedding invites! After all the initial excitement and slight ego boost (ya girls just being honest) had surpassed, it started to sink in… I was going to design something that Lisa and Dan (the couple) would not only have to love but also something that potentially over a hundred people will receive and put on their fridge for the next five months. 

The pressure was on.


STEP ONE: Pick a design style

They wanted a very clean, trendy design that was underpinned by a minimal aesthetic. Nothing too crowded on the front and the underside to hold all the information without feeling overwhelming/unclear for the guests receiving. Luckily, this too just happens to be one of my fave styles, so I could get passionate.

STEP TWO: Pick a colour palette

This is one of my favourite bits about design. I asked Lisa to send me a few photos with the colour scheme that they were having for the wedding so the invites would match. Commission life just got better, their colours involved pink! Only my all time favourite                                                                           colour.                                                                          (like the picture below)   Colour palette

From here I could start designing. 


I opened up Photoshop, created a canvas (at A5) and just stared for a minute and waited for the ideas to hit me. I wanted to incorporate my own hand design without doing loads of sketchbook work. Thankfully, my little brother owns a Wacom tablet (baller) so I was able to do that. It also meant I could use my own handwriting which, I felt was a unique touch to their invites.


Initially I sent through a whole bunch of designs and asked for some feedback. 


(A few of the designs I sent through)

STEP FOUR: Eliminate & refine

After a little bit of back and forth, the couple decided on this as the design they wanted for the front of the invites. So I fully refined the front and began work on the underside of the invites. 

Design final

Just before Christmas, I sent through an idea of what the underside could look like with the information they had given to me.

Lisa’s fella is a bit design savvy, so using my design he emailed back a visual idea of the changes they’d like me to make. I actually found this super helpful. 

Because the titles were so bold, I made sure the rest of the text was quite plain to keep from overcrowding. 

More back and forth with the couple and the final invites were completed.


Lisa and Daniel got their invites printed onto a heavy weight off white cartridge paper.

They also let me put my design logo on the back of it so that people would know who created them, giving me a brilliant opportunity to get my name out there and gain more customers.

(The design in print)


It was a bit strange to receive the invite in the mail but even stranger to see it in my friends snapchat stories. Knowing that people had it in their homes… something I’d designed! This was incredibly rewarding. Overall it was a great learning experience, how to work with people, how to work to a very real deadline, how to compromise, communicate well and be diplomatic. Maybe I just had a lovely customer but either way, the experience was a good one.


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