No days like a snow day

So the weather this week has been more than a little sporadic. From sunshine to rain to snow to hail… all in one day (classic weather small talk). Which, got me thinking about the first snowfall of the winter.

If you know me, you know that snow is genuinely one of my favourite things ever


(Thanks Jo for capturing the excitement)

It covers the world leaving everything pure and fluffy. It’s crazy to think something so cold makes my heart so warm! As a 21y/o, I seem to react out of the norm when magic white flakes fall from the sky… ‘but why?’ I hear my inner voice ask.

Well, when it comes to snow, I’ve decided I’m nine years old. Yep, you read that right, nine. years. old. 


I moved to england when I was eleven and it has been exactly nine years, ten months and three weeks since then. You see, back at home in the land down under, we don’t get snow (where I lived anyway). So when it comes, it’s like christmas morning. It’s like being surrounded by pure magic. It’s like nothing ever could go wrong because I live in a world that has been created to make things like this. The snow brings me a sense of childlike hope. It leaves me standing there staring up into the white abyss in awe that something so ordinary for everyone around me can be so beautiful. The snow is calming. It rests my soul. I don’t want it to snow everyday of the week because it would take away the magic, but when it does, oh when it does, I would love to spend all my time stood in it, just watching.

CollageI don’t ever want to grow out of loving the snow. 





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