Let me introduce myself…


Welcome to my very first blog post!!

I thought to introduce myself I would just say a few things… so here goes!

As you may have deducted, my name is Kiyana. I’m newly 21 years old (sheesh) and I study Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University. Which, is currently Times Modern University of the year (2018). My speciality is Print Design, specifically interiors and decor… which, doesn’t sound very textiley… but I promise, it is.

For a little while now I wanted somewhere that I could post and write things I do and feelings I have about my creative world. But it wasn’t until I spoke to a lovely girl in the year above me, who is a graduate, that I decided to do anything about that… “Promise me you’ll make a blog!” she shouted to me over the music at 2am on a Saturday, standing there with a drink in her hand, no more than 4 ft from the bar in our local students union club. Well, Dee, if you’re out there, I did!

So, what else do you want to know?

I’m in my final year at Uni, which is terrifying

I’m part of the Uni Cheerleading Squad and I promise you, it’s harder than it looks

Instagram is basically my hobby

In the last year I’ve brushed my hair precisely two times

I’m 5ft 7.5″ – the half inch matters!

Christmas is my all time favourite holiday and Summer is my all time favourite season

My favourite song is Call Me Al

I’m Australian and I moved to the UK when I was 11 with my parents and my four siblings

My favourite nick name is Narn/Narny

My favourite cookies are the triple chocolate chip ones from Sainsbury’s

I love minimal/Scandinavian aesthetic!

I have two beautiful King Charles Cavs named Bella & Issimo (when you put it together it’s Bellissimo)

I’m a faith filled, free spirit

I believe all things look better with a touch of baby pink

I’m currently learning how to knit a sock and re-learning how much I love knitting!

I’m 50% Grandma, 50% Wild Child

and lastly…

I’m the proud entrepreneur who coined the term Birk ‘n’ socks – Early 2015  (Birkenstocks you wear with socks, duh)


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